A little more about me:

Some of the details:  I was born and raised in Utah.   I love my home there and miss it every day.   Especially when it’s time for the seasons to change, I see what kind of home I can afford back home, or I get stuck in L.A. traffic.  I grew up with a passion for Everything creative.  Luckily, I had a mom who taught me how to sew and bake and would buy me new stacks of paper to cut and glue.  At age 19, I went to Ringling School of art.  I finished up my art training at Brigham Young University.   It was at BYU I fell in love with children’s book art and telling stories visually.   

Family Life:  In 2006 I married my husband Chad, he hails from the great white north and grew up with the polar bears.  Somehow we both ended up here in L.A.  We had our first baby in October 2009.  We love her and even though she can be poopy I think she is a keeper.   

Professional life:  I am currently an Imagineer for the Walt Disney Company.  This means that I design Disney theme parks around the world.  When I was 12 years old I decided that it was my dream, and with a lot of hard work I finally got there!  I moved to L.A. and have worked there since 2003.  From this I have learned that anything is really possible.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with the other artists and designers, they have made me who I am and continue to motivate and inspire me.  Due to the confidential nature of our work, I don’t get to post much that I work on from Disney.  But you may see pictures from my travels to the different parks around the world.

Photography:  I have fallen in love with telling people's stories through the lens.  Life flies by so quickly that sometimes we forget all the small moments that it is made of.  I love capturing those moments.

I started shooting weddings 3 years ago.  Shooting is not my day job, I do it just for the love of it.  Because I have a day job I only get to shoot one wedding a month.  My first year I shot 25 weddings, which means I did 50 shoots between weddings and engagements.  I got burnt out between that and my job, so I decided to pick the weddings I want to shoot and to shoot less.  I believe in giving the level of service that I would want from a photographer.  I can't do that if I take on a lot of weddings.  If I am already booked for the month I will recommend other good photographers!

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