Daddy's Girl

I like to take pictures on Elle with Chad.  Chad has been really cute with her.  When we were in the hospital he would go home to get some sleep at night, I thought he would sleep in, but he would show up at 6 a.m. asking where his baby was.  She was usually at her morning checkup in the nursery at that time.  They have a lot of fun together, Chad can't wait for her to be old enough to swim in the pool.  The first few pictures are up because chad loved the first picture of her and asked that I put it on the blog.  I like the one of her bum with ruffles.  I like to call her Elle Rufflebottom.




Christmas 2009 

I don't believe in spending Christmas in a warm climate.  We either go to Utah or up to Canada for Christmas.  This year we went to Utah.  Since I was still on maternity leave I took Elle a week early.  I don't recommend flying with a baby by yourself if you can help it...and if you do it is totally worth it to buy a seat for them.  It saved us from sitting next to someone with a disease.  People were really nice and helped us on and off the plane with all the baby gear.  So thanks to the nice Utahns who helped us.  

I took pictures of Elle's first Gap outfit.  I thought the hat was really cute, but it was almost too warm because she was falling asleep in it.  I really love the chubby cheek picture where she looks like Jabba the Hutt.  Anyways I thought I'd just post a few pictures from our trip.  We really didn't go anywhere with her or do much more than hanging out at home.



My Baby (Part 2)

I heart our new little family.  It has been fun to be on maternity leave and learn to be a mom.  At the first of the year I was feeling like I wanted to learn something new....guess I have now.  The first two weeks I was a little scared to take pictures of little Elle...she was still new and fragile.   With lots of practice I have learned how to get a baby to sleep during a shoot, I can't wait to shoot another newborn's pictures!  



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