Ryan & Annalise

When you edit photos you get to spend hours staring at your clients.  All I can say is after days of working on this wedding I realized that Ryan didn't stand a chance when Annalise looked his way.  She has the most awesome eyes ever!  The camera just loved them!  These guys were so much fun, and their shots just oozed happiness.  I have been dying to get them up to show you.  Also, Annalise and I have something in common.  We both fell for Canadians.  Annalise, I have been very happy with my Canadian.  I wish you the same with yours.  And if he ever causes trouble just bat your pretty eyes & he should melt all over again.  

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Rub a Dub

My baby in a tub.... 


P.S. for those who have been stopping by and seeing no posts here, I now have a personal blog.  I wanted to leave this blog mostly for photography, so that clients could see my work.  I have been on a slower schedule since my baby was born.  If you want to see more current posts come see my personal site here.


Cam & Jess

Chad's little bro Cam came into town for Memorial Day.  We all went to Disneyland and took some pictures of him and his fiance Jessica.  We will all be taking off to the nations capital for the wedding this August for their wedding.  To see the slideshow click here.